Published Papers


[1] RepCloud: Attesting to Cloud Service Dependency

Anbang Ruan and Andrew Martin. In IEEE Transactions on Services Computing

[2] NeuronVisor: Defining a Fine-grained Cloud Root-of-Trust

Anbang Ruan and Andrew Martin. In Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Trustworthy Systems (InTrust 2014). Dec, 2014.

[3] RepCloud: Achieving Fine-grained Cloud TCB Attestation with Reputation Systems

Anbang Ruan, Andrew Martin. Proceeding of STC’11 The Sixth ACM Workshop on Scalable Trusted Computing. Chicago, IL, USA, Oct. 2011.


[4] Towards a Source-Code Oriented Attestation

Anbang Ruan, Qingni Shen, Liang Gu, Li Wang, Yahui Yang, Zhong Chen, China Communications, Nov. 2009. Vol.6 No.4, pp: 82-87. SCI-Indexed.

[5] SCOBA: source code based attestation on custom software

Liang Gu, Yao Guo, Anbang Ruan, Qingni Shen, Hong Mei. In Proceedings of ACSAC 2010: Austin, Texas, USA

[6] Practical Property-based Attestation on Free Software

Liang Gu, Anbang Ruan, Yao Guo, Qingni Shen, Xiangqun Chen. Poster session of ACSAC’09, Nov 2009.


[7] A Separation-of-Powers Model for a Trustworthy and Open Cloud Computing Ecosystem

Anbang Ruan. Dphil (PhD) Thesis at University of Oxford.

[8] Breaking Down the Monarchy: Achieving Trustworthy and Open Cloud Ecosystem Governance with Separation-of-Powers

Anbang Ruan, Ming Wei, Andrew P. Martin, David Blundell, David Wallom. In Proceeding of IEEE CLOUD 2016. San Francisco, CA, USA

[9] On the Feasibility of an Open-Implementation Cloud Infrastructure: A Game Theoretic Analysis

Charles A. Kamhoua, Anbang Ruan, Andrew P. Martin, Kevin A. Kwiat. UCC 2015: Limassol, Cyprus

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